New PR Consulting Firm Meets the Unique Needs of the Risk Management Sector

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Fortress Strategic Communications Helps Risk Management Companies Communicate in Challenging Environments

SYRACUSE, N.Y., April 30, 2015 – A noteworthy new consulting firm, Fortress Strategic Communications (FSC), was launched today. FSC will provide specialized strategic public relations and crisis communications tailored to meet the unique needs of companies that offer products, services, and solutions that manage and mitigate risk.

As CEO Evan Bloom explains, “Currently most businesses primarily build brand awareness through social media, press releases, case studies and bylined articles. But more often than not these communication conduits aren’t even on the table for many risk management companies. Due to the sensitive nature of their work, they can’t identify clients or reveal strategies. So they need creative approaches to communication.” 

Risk management firms are a key element of a healthy economy, and FSC is dedicated to generating effective solutions to the various public relations challenges these vital companies face. FSC consultants work closely with clients to build their media footprint, raise and maintain the profile of spokespeople, increase market awareness about capabilities, products and services, and enhance communication with stakeholders.

“Our value add is a solid understanding of the enterprise risk management market sector gleaned from a combined 20 years of global experience and consulting for small and medium-sized businesses and international brands,” says Bloom. He has honed his skills in public relations and crisis management in diverse and challenging markets that include the United States, Kenya, and South Africa. Bloom earned his masters degree in Business Continuity from Norwich University and graduated Cum Laude, the highest academic honor afforded by the institution. 

“When we look at national and international events,” he observes, “it’s clear our world is increasingly riskier to operate in. The game changes every day. Companies are frequently overwhelmed by the complex international business climate with its myriad threats ranging from cyber attacks and sabotage to natural disasters.”

“These heightened threats present significant business opportunities for risk management companies,” Bloom adds. “But with them come considerable challenges in communication.” FSC is perfectly positioned to address these complex needs with a knowledge, skills and experience base to help companies achieve their business and branding objectives.

FSC provides a full range of PR services such as strategic planning, content marketing, trade show communications, media relations, social media, and international PR support. Crisis communication services include vulnerability auditing, crisis strategy, planning, and consultation, and dark site consultation.

FSC’s typical customer is active in the following risk management sectors, amongst others:  business continuity and disaster recovery, homeland security, enterprise risk management and IT security.


Based in Syracuse, N.Y., Fortress Strategic Communications provides specialized strategic public relations and crisis communications consulting to companies that offer products, services, and solutions designed to manage and mitigate all types of risk. The company is able to draw on a combined 20 years of global experience from its executives in a wide-array of vertical markets.  For more information please visit:

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Phone: 315-744-4912

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