Specialized Public Relations Consultancy Helps Israeli Security And Risk-Management Companies Wanting To Succeed In U.S. Markets

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Safety, homeland security, emergency management, risk and IT security companies need specialized public relations consulting for the American market

Syracuse, N.Y., July 15, 2015 – A new specialized public relations consulting firm, Fortress Strategic Communications (FSC), is helping Israeli security and risk-management companies realize significant gains from marketing their services, products and solutions in the United States.

With an established track record of successfully launching a variety of Israeli security, risk, and compliance services and solutions, FSC is ideally suited to supporting Israeli companies that provide IT/cyber security, enterprise risk management, safety and security, homeland security, and emergency management products and services. FSC’s experience enables it to identify, address, and manage the specific communications and PR needs of Israeli firms seeking expansion into U.S. markets.

“The United States is one of the largest, most advanced entrepreneurial markets in the world. Its well-established infrastructure and critical mass of potential customers in both the governmental and private sectors make it an ideal venue for the specialized security and risk management products Israeli companies offer,” says Evan Bloom, CEO of Fortress Strategic Communications. “Since U.S. markets are defined by opportunities, competitive Israeli risk-management companies expanding into the U.S. will have to fortify their capacity to communicate quickly and effectively, respond flexibly to shifting issues, and act decisively in the event of a crisis. Spokespeople will need to position themselves as leading experts who effectively address emerging challenges, and identify and solve complex problems others may not be aware of. We are perfectly positioned to advise Israeli clients.”

With twenty years of experience in global PR consulting, a deep understanding of the particular communication challenges the security and risk sector faces, and a history of helping small businesses grow brand recognition and customer base via focused, strategic public relations campaigns, FSC gives Israeli risk-management companies the edge they need to thrive in the highly competitive U.S. arena. Specialized services include the following:

  • Targeted presales strategies to generate awareness about new products ahead of launch;
  • Development of well-recognized integrity and market presence for the company brand, products, and services;
  • Visibility of spokespeople with expert business profiles who demonstrate reliable authority that steadily matures with time; and
  • Focused public relations campaigns that identify, establish, and maintain felt need for specific risk products, services, and goods.

FSC offers comprehensive public relations services to Israeli risk-management companies, including editorial consulting, press writing, media relations, and press tours, as well as a full range of crisis communications services. FSC works closely with clients to build their media footprint, raise and maintain the profile of spokespeople, increase market awareness about capabilities, products and services, and enhance communication with stakeholders.


Based in Syracuse, N.Y., Fortress Strategic Communications provides specialized strategic public relations and crisis communications consulting to companies that offer products, services, and solutions designed to manage and mitigate all types of risk. The company draws on their executives’ combined 20 years of global experience in a broad array of vertical markets. For more information please visit www.fortresscomms.com


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