New Specialized Data Breach PR Solution Helps Hacked Companies Manage Communications

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3R fortifies company communications so they are Ready and able to Respond and Reassure stakeholders

Fortress Strategic Communications (FSC) has launched 3R, a new data breach communications solution. This solution is tailor-made for small and medium-sized companies who want to ensure they are prepared to communicate proactively if they suffer a data breach, and/or if they need immediate crisis PR support following a data breach or hacking incident.

According to the Ponemon Institute’s recent fourth annual data breach preparedness survey, only 27 percent of respondents felt that their organization “is confident in its ability to minimize the financial and reputational consequences of a material data breach.”

The 3R solution consists of three components that are crucial to minimizing reputational damage to a company: Ready, Response, and Reassure. The Ready component prepares companies so they are “communications ready” for a breach. It includes communications vulnerability auditing, both crisis communications and public relations (PR) planning and the implementation of a PR plan. The Response component guides companies through the crisis communications quagmire once a breach occurs and is built around the crisis communications plan developed in the ready stage. The Reassure component counsels companies on how to rebuild brand trust with affected stakeholders following a breach.

“Data breaches are a distinct possibility for almost every company and as such a clear need exists for this solution for two reasons. Firstly, smaller businesses sometimes find it difficult to invest the time in proactive crisis communications planning and management. Secondly, there is significant legal emphasis placed on informing affected and impacted parties about a breach, with each state having their own unique requirements” says Evan Bloom, CEO of Fortress Strategic Communications.

While a company’s lawyers would help them meet their legal requirements, including notification obligations, the 3R solution helps companies communicate with one of their most important stakeholders, their customers, and one of their most feared – the media. “When a breach does occur, some businesses are not only overwhelmed by events, they are also unprepared for the stakeholder communication aspect and find the press communications and customer notification aspects stressful, time consuming and complicated,” adds Bloom.

“Our objective with 3R is threefold,” explains Bloom. “We help small and medium-sized companies implement good PR before any breach occurs because we believe that a business that communicates openly, honestly and regularly is more likely to be listened to in the event of a nefarious incident. Then, if a breach or hack occurs, we help companies proactively break the news to all stakeholders and communicate effectively for the lifecycle of the crisis. Once the crisis is over, we counsel businesses on communication strategies to help repair damaged relationships and reassure all stakeholders.”

The 3R solution is not built on PR alone; it also incorporates aspects of risk management and business continuity. Identifying risks and determining their impact is vital in developing a crisis communications strategy, particularly if a company wants to plan for probable events. “With 3R, we draw strongly on our business continuity and risk identification knowledge and experience to help companies identify critical events and their likely impacts, and develop targeted messaging for proactive communication to all stakeholders before, during and after an incident,” concludes Bloom.

FSC is ready to partner with any client’s legal team and cybersecurity consultancy ensuring there is an integrated response and approach to dealing with a breach. In addition, FSC has access to specialized digital forensics and cybersecurity consultancies that can provide expert technology to help companies recover from a breach and its associated damage.


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