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About Us

At Fortress Strategic Communications, we provide niche PR consulting for small and medium sized businesses that offer the full spectrum of risk mitigation products, services and solutions.

Our clients typically include companies in enterprise risk management, business continuity and disaster recovery, cyber/IT security, safety, security, and emergency management, among others. We also provide market specific solutions for data breach events and counsel startup companies who want to enter the risk management arena.

For over 20 years, we have delivered highly effective strategic public relations and crisis communications solutions to help our clients establish, build, and protect their reputations.

Our objective is to help you build an outstanding company brand and reputation. Nothing less. We are strategic, collaborative, focused…and we love a challenge.

evanbloom-bioMeet the CEO

Evan Bloom is the CEO of Fortress Strategic Communications. For over 20 years he has provided top-level customized public relations for enterprise risk management industries, garnering extensive experience in areas as diverse as IT security, document imaging and management, business continuity and disaster recovery, safety and security, and others.

Most of these industries maintain strict confidentiality and cannot identify their clients in promotional materials. Evan specializes in counseling companies that face these types of public relations challenges unique to the enterprise risk management arena. His focused techniques and issues-based strategies and campaigns deliver measurable, profitable results:  many of his clients have maintained strong media prominence over the long term despite constraints regarding disclosure of specific details.

Evan’s experience stretches across small, medium and enterprise-size companies. He is adept at helping businesses build an engaging and newsworthy company narrative, create dynamic profiles of senior executives and spokespeople, identify and own market issues, cultivate positive long-term relationships with media, and expand their business and vertical trade publication footprint. Evan’s team develops media-ready news content that also serves as effective customer communications.

Evan Bloom graduated cum laude with an M. S. in Business Continuity from Norwich University in Vermont. He works closely with clients in the United States and in the developing markets of South Africa and Kenya.

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