Some Great Client Coverage Achieved By Us

These Are The Reasons Why Clients Appoint Us

Specialized PR

We specialize in our clients’ area of specialty and help them reach decision makers in the broader public safety, physical security, and enterprise risk management sectors.

PR Without Mentioning Clients

We are skilled at delivering PR campaigns for companies that cannot mention the names of their clients publicly.

Spokespeople Positioned As Experts

We position spokespeople as subject matter experts with deep insights on current and future issues as well as incidents in the media.

Visibility With No News

We know how to keep a company visible in the media even when it has no news to share.

Regular Media Interviews

We know how to pitch and achieve interviews on breaking news and current events with all types of broadcast, print, and online media.

Communicate Strong Opinion

We are experts at developing and amplifying controversial opinion on market issue with demonstrable results.

Easier PR Model

Our clients are billed a flat prearranged fee every month. There are no surprises, and we are always on budget.

Sales Funnel PR

The PR we generate can be used by clients to help them connect to customers moving through all stages of their sales funnel.

Competitor Differentiation

The PR we implement strategically differentiates our clients from their competitors.

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