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Rigaku Analytical Devices are the market leaders in providing handheld Ramen devices used by law enforcement agencies, the military, and harm reduction teams to identify narcotics, chemical, biological, radioactive, and nuclear substances.

Objective: Rigaku Analytical Devices wanted to ensure that its brand and solutions were widely recognized, understood, and respected. They also wanted to stand out from their competitors and achieve greater market awareness with prospective clients.

Strategy: The strategy implemented focused on three key pillars. Firstly, to position Rigaku spokespeople as industry thought leaders. Second, to ensure Rigaku was an active participant in the news pertaining to the fentanyl epidemic. Finally, to take mindshare away from Rigaku’s competitors.

Tactics: We developed issues-oriented pitches pertaining to law enforcement, cartels, fentanyl, and narcotics. Using these pitches, we proactively lobbied radio and TV outlets across the United States for interviews.

In addition, we also monitored broadcast, online, print, and social media news reports pertaining to key topics, to identify potential opportunities for Rigaku spokespeople to provide their insights. Pitches were sent out to relevant media as soon as an opportunity was identified.

Key trade publications read by potential Rigaku customers were identified. Exclusive issues-oriented opinion articles were then developed and placed into these key vertical trade publications to ensure Rigaku spoke directly to prospective client decision makers.

Results: By the end of 2023 FSC had achieved 66 earned radio, TV, print, and online interviews for Rigaku including numerous appearances on the Fox News network including America’s Newsroom, Fox & Friends, NBC, News Nation, Newsmax, Kron 4, KUSI TV, Epoch TV, NPR, WBAP and The Legend 93.5 FM and AM 930. Within six months of commencing PR, FSC achieved over 40 interviews.

Rigaku spokespeople were interviewed by the New York Post, National Review, and by both Canadian and South Korean news outlets. A 100% success rate was also achieved with all contributed articles including a number of front covers.

Here is a small sample of the coverage achieved:

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