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What We Do

Fortress Strategic Communications builds, enhances, and protects reputations.

We are specialized public relations strategists and counselors who focus on building your company’s profile and sustaining and protecting your excellent reputation over the long term. Clients receive content generated by AP-level editorial specialists.

Our strategic, plan-driven PR delivers value for your company centered on ten fundamental objectives:

  1. Build a sustained and strategic PR campaign based on your specific business and marketing goals
  2. Take the media relations and content generation responsibility off your hands so you can focus your valuable time on building your business
  3. Develop the media and industry profile of your spokespeople
  4. Grow your relationship with key publications and journalists
  5. Generate newsworthy and thought-provoking content and promote awareness of your brand even if you cannot mention your clients’ names
  6. Help you communicate regularly with current and prospective customers and your channel
  7. Enhance your social media presence
  8. Formulate your crisis communication plans and counsel you during a crisis
  9. Provide trade show support
  10. Contribute to the successful growth of your business


An example of a success story

(Note: We never reveal the names of current or past clients.)

Case study: An enterprise risk management company

Challenge: This company, which sells cybercrime defense and detection solutions and services to companies and organizations, found themselves in a challenging marketing position. They could publicize the launch of new products and solutions, but they could never identify their clients. This constraint severely diminished their public relations capabilities. They were unable to demonstrate their unique ability to proactively identify and manage risks and damage caused internally by employees and nefarious third parties, through the inappropriate use and manipulation of the company’s IT assets.

Solution and strategy: To overcome this challenge, a four-fold strategy was implemented:

  • A high-level issues-oriented PR campaign was designed and implemented.
  • The company spokesperson was positioned as a thought leader and subject matter expert on all issues related to internal threats and fraud, enterprise risk management, identity theft, and IT security.
  • The company’s senior managers were positioned as spokespeople in phase two of the PR strategy to demonstrate sound management and depth of expertise.
  • When news broke about local and global events relevant to the company’s service offerings, key print and broadcast media were contacted, relevant stories pitched, and interviews with company experts arranged. Editorial and informational content linked to breaking news was quickly disseminated to the media. The client distributed the same content to employees and the house list of current and prospective clients.

Results: This company was highly active and visible in the media for more than nine years without ever mentioning any clients. Strong relationships were built and maintained with business and trade media. The company spokesperson became the ‘go-to’ expert for the print, broadcast and online media on internal threats and fraud, enterprise risk management, identity theft, and IT security. In time, public perception of the client’s presence in the market shifted from being ‘just another startup’ and ‘some small company’ to a ‘widely respected’ organization led by ‘industry experts.’

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