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Our Solutions

Fortress Strategic Communications offers B2B companies two cost effective reputation management solutions. Information on Traditional PR Solutions can be found below.

Click on Market Specific Solutions for information about additional specialized consulting products. Contact us for more information.

Traditional Solutions

At Fortress Strategic Communications, our Public Relations Solutions help you establish, build, and maintain your industry and media reputation. Our Crisis Communications Solutions protect your valuable reputation during anticipated and unanticipated events.

Public Relations Solutions

Public relations strategy and planning
Development of PR strategy and plan based on a detailed debrief.

Public relations campaigns
Implementation of PR plans targeting media, stakeholders, and key influencers.

Content marketing and channel communications
Development of specialized, informative, and useful communication strategies, campaigns, and assets for your channel, influencer, and customer base.

Trade show communications and support
Creation of trade show PR plans and press kits; establishment of booth visits for media; targeting of trade show press; capitalization of local media opportunities.

Media relations campaigns
Establishment and development of relationships with editors, journalists, and industry influencers. Definition and promotion of key industry and market issues to ensure that spokespeople, products, and services are profiled in business, trade, and vertical media.

Press and publishing house tours
Identification of key journalists, publications, and publishers; facilitation of press tours for relationship building; strategy debriefs; new product and solution launches.

Social media content
Creation of engaging content to expand and enrich your social media presence.

Integrated marketing support
Collaboration with your advertising and marketing agencies to ensure brand and messaging synergy.

International PR support
Consultation and strategic PR support for American companies seeking to enter the South African market space and for companies aspiring to establish a PR and brand presence in the United States.

Crisis Communications Solutions

PR vulnerability audits
Assessment of how critical events could impact your daily operations and reputation; evaluation of your ability to manage the crisis once it occurs.

Crisis planning
Customization of enterprise-wide PR crisis plans and event-specific crisis communication plans to prepare your company to address particular scenarios.

Crisis communications exercises
Facilitation of creative guided tabletop exercises to boost your crisis team’s capacity to effectively communicate and respond to real-world events.

Crisis communications
Consultation and collaboration with your crisis management team to support focused and effective communication for the duration of an event.

Crisis messaging
Development of crisis-specific messaging tailored to trending issues and critical events to minimize damage and keep clients and stakeholders reliably informed.

Business continuity communications
Creation of communication strategies, plans and messaging for business continuity events to ensure stakeholders are informed of all developments until normal operations resume.

Dark site consultation
Advance development of a replacement website and content to safeguard your business during extreme emergencies and crises.

Emergency notification system consultation and communications
Collaboration to identify the most appropriate emergency communication platform for your business. Formulation of internal communication plans and messaging to educate all internal stakeholders on implementation, function, and use of the system.

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